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Press release template

A press release is a formal statement sent to the media to make an announcement or share a new development. It could be about a business, a product, an occasion, music release, new hiring or anything else which the general public or company stake holders would find interesting. A press release’s main objective is to enlighten the public and media and also spark interest or attention in the subject.

A successful Press release has proven to be very beneficial for businesses. It gives businesses a method to communicate with a broad audience of people and spread their message to them. Companies can let the public know about the introduction of a new product, a merger or acquisition, or a prize they have won by publishing a press release.

The material in the press release supports establishing legitimacy and trustworthiness, which is crucial for firms that want to win over their stakeholders and customers. In this article, we will learn about various types of press release and how to write them. You will understand all the components of a press release. We will show free press release templates to easily copy/paste and write a press release effortlessly. In the end we will talk about best practices to write a compelling press release.

In most cases, a press release has a conventional format that consists of a headline, dateline, lead paragraph, body, quote, supplementary information, and contact details. The press release’s topic should be stated in the headline, which should also be attention-grabbing.

We will discuss all these elements in details but before that let’s first understand various types of press releases with press release templates.

Types of Press Releases (Free Press Release Templates)

Our Press release templates are pre-designed formats that can be used to craft effective and impactful press releases. These templates provide a structure and outline for the release, making it simpler for writers to organize their thoughts and present information clearly and succinctly.

Our press release template will save you time as you just need to fill in the details and customise it according to your need instead of starting from scratch. Please note that when using our press release template, you must customize it according to your organization and purpose of the release. This may involve altering tone and style of the release as well as including pertinent details and information.

Additionally, it’s essential that the press release adheres to standard formatting and structure standards. This includes including a headline, dateline, lead paragraph, body, boilerplate text and contact information.

By using our press release template, Organizations can save time, ensure consistency, and effectively communicate key messages to their desired audience.

Here are the 5 most commonly used press release templates.


1.    Launch of a Product


Whenever a new product is introduced, a product launch press release is issued to boost the launch of the new product. This kind of press release should include details on the product, including its features, advantages, and intended market. A quote from a representative or important executive who can offer more context for the product and the company’s ambitions for it should also be included.

Sample Press Release Template for a Product Launch:


Headline: [Company Name] Unveils Innovative New Product, Revolutionizing Customer Experience in [Product Category]


Sub Headline: Write some short text to support main headline.



[Date], [City, State], -[Company Name] is delighted to announce the release of its latest product (product name). As described below in brief detail–with features and benefits included–this item offers many advantages to customers.


[Company Name] has always been at the forefront of [relevant industry or field], and their recent launch of (product name) further proves their dedication to providing [target audience] with what the product has to offer.


[A quote from a spokesperson or key executive of the company, extolling the excitement and significance of their product launch].


“We are thrilled to introduce (product name) to the market,” said [spokesperson name]. “This product represents an exciting leap forward for [relevant industry or field] and will provide our target audience with [what the product provides].”

(Product name) was designed with [target audience] in mind and constructed using the most up-to-date [relevant technology or innovations]. It provides [key features and benefits of the product].


[Additional information, such as availability, pricing and distribution]].


For further inquiries about (product name) and [Company Name], please visit [website or contact information].


Media contact:

Contact information includes company name, address, phone number, email and website.

Download this Press Release template in google docs

2.    Merger/Acquisition Press Release


When two businesses merge or are acquired, a merger/acquisition press release is released. Information about the companies’ participation, such as their background and areas of expertise, should be included in this press release.


It should also explain the conditions of the merger or acquisition and what they signify for the new company. A statement from a representative or important executive might give further context and enthusiasm for the merger or acquisition.

Sample Press Release Template for a Merger/Acquisition:


Headline: [Company A] Acquires [Company B] in a Multi-Million dollar deal to Enhance Market Position.


Sub headline: Write short text to elaborate the headline.



[Date], [City, State] – [Company A] and [Company B] are delighted to announce their merger/acquisition, effective [date]. The combined entity will operate under the name [new company name].

[A brief overview of the companies involved and their history, emphasizing their strengths and areas of expertise].


The merger/acquisition between [Company A] and [Company B] will create a stronger, more diverse company, offering [what the merger/acquisition will offer to customers and the market].


[Comment from a spokesperson or key executive of either company, extolling the excitement and significance of the merger/acquisition].


“We are delighted to join forces with [Company B],” said [spokesperson name]. “Together, we will bring [what the merger/acquisition will offer customers and the market] tremendous benefits.”

[Further information about the merger/acquisition, including financial terms, plans for integration and future objectives of the combined company]


To learn more about [new company name] and its products/services, please visit [website or contact information].


Media contact:

Please provide the company name, address, telephone number, email and website.


Download this Press Release Template in google docs

3.    Press Release for an Award


When a business or an artist receives an award, a press release is issued to let everyone know about it. This kind of engaging press release should provide details regarding the honour, such as what it means and the selection criteria. A comment from a representative or important executive who may offer more context for what the honour means for the business and its future should also be included.

Sample Free Press Release Template for an Award:


Headline: [Company/Business Name] is chosen as the Best [Award Name] 2023.


Sub Headline: Write short text elaborating the headline.



[Date], [City, State] – [Company/Business Name] is delighted to announce that they have been recognized with [award name], presented by [awarding organization].


[The Award Name] is [a brief description of its criteria and significance]. [Company Name] was selected for this honor due to [what they did to earn it, such as demonstrating excellence in a specific area or meeting specific criteria].


[A quote from a spokesperson or key executive of the company, emphasizing its excitement and significance].

“We are delighted to receive [award name], said [spokesperson name]. “This recognition serves as a testament to our company’s dedication to excellence and impact in the industry.”


[Company Name] has a deep-seated dedication to [relevant mission or values], and this award serves to further demonstrate their dedication.


To learn more about [Company Name], its products and services, please visit [website or contact information].


Media Contact:

Enter the company name, address, phone number, email and website information below.

Download this Press Release template in google docs

4.    Press Release for an Event


An announcement of an upcoming event or a summary of a previous event is made in an event press release. Press releases of this kind should include details about the event, including the time, place, and objective. Moreover, it must include details on the attendees, presenters, and other relevant information. A statement from a spokesman or important executive may add to the excitement and offer new insight into the situation.

Sample Free Press Release Template for an Event


[Company Name] Announces Annual Conference, Bringing Together Industry Leaders and Experts for Discussions and Networking Opportunities”


Subheadline: Provide some text to support the headline.



[Date], [City, State] – [Organization/Company Name] is delighted to announce [event name], taking place at [date and time].


[Event name] is [a brief overview of its purpose and target audience].[Organization/Company Name] has planned [event highlights and activities, such as keynote speakers or panel discussions]].


[Quote from a spokesperson or key organizer of the event, emphasizing its significance and energy].

“We are delighted to host [event name], bringing together [target audience or industry professionals] for [event purpose or goal],” said [spokesperson name]. “This event offers attendees the unique chance to [what attendees will gain from attending the event].”


[Organization/Company Name] has a deep-seated commitment to [relevant mission or values], and [event name] aligns with this mission by [how the event supports these goals].


[Additional information, such as ticket information and registration process]].


For further details about [event name] and [Organization/Company name], please visit their websites or contact information.


Media Contact Information:

[Organization/Company Name] [Address] [Phone Number] [Email] [Website]

 Download Event Press Release template in google docs

5.    Promotion or New Hire Press Release


When a new employee is hired or an existing employee is promoted, a press release announcing a new hire or promotion is released. This kind of news release ought to include details about the person, like their qualifications, duties, and history. It should also contain a quote from a representative or important executive who can shed more light on the reasons for the employment or promotion and the benefits that the person will bring to the business.

Sample Press Release Template for New Hire.


Headline: “[Company Name] Welcomes [New Hire Name] as New [Position Title] to Accelerate Growth and Innovation”


Sub headline: Write some text to enhance the headline.



[City, State] – [Company Name] is delighted to announce the appointment of [New Hire Name] as their newest [Position Title].


[New Hire Name] brings [Number of Years] of expertise in [Industry/Field] to our team, with a demonstrated record of success on [Key Achievements/Projects]. As the new [Position Title], [New Hire Name] will be held accountable for fulfilling key responsibilities and goals.


“We are thrilled to welcome [New Hire Name] to our team,” said [Company Spokesperson]. “With their extensive experience and expertise in [Industry/Field], we are certain they will make a valuable contribution to our organization and help us reach our objectives.”


[New Hire Name] expressed her enthusiasm for the opportunity, saying: “I am thrilled to be joining [Company Name] and look forward to contributing to its continued success.”


[New Hire Name] holds a degree/certification from [University/Institute], and has worked at [Previous Company/Position] before joining [Company Name].


Media Contact:

For further inquiries, please reach out to [Company Contact Name] at [Contact Phone Number] or [Contact Email].


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How to Write a Press Release like a Pro?

How to write a press release

How to write a press release


Decide on your goals before you start drafting your press release. Is it to communicate company news, advertise an upcoming event, or introduce a new product or service? Your press release will be more successful if you are focused and have a clear idea of your goal.


The elements of a well written press release are listed below:




A short, attention-grabbing headline that accurately sums up the news release’s main point. One of a press release’s most crucial elements is the headline, which influences whether or not readers will continue reading. Journalists, influencers, and potential customers will pay attention to a well-written headline, which increases their likelihood of engaging with your material and paying attention to your message.


The headline or title ought to convey the release’s information briefly and accurately. It should also be written engagingly and memorably to make it simple for readers to remember and share.


The headline can be quite important for search engine optimization (SEO) in addition to drawing attention. A well-optimised headline can helps most press releases rank better in search results because headlines are given more weight by search engines like Google.


In general, the title is an important part of a press release and should be well thought out and paid attention to. Businesses can achieve their objectives by increasing the impact and readership of their news releases by creating compelling headlines.




Mention the city where the press release is being released and the distribution date.


Lead paragraph


A brief breakdown of the key points from the press release, including the who, what, when, where, and why.




The area of a news release where you provide more information and specifics about the event or development being covered is called the body. It’s critical to include the following information in the body of a press release:


  • Background information


Give readers all the background information they need to fully understand the press release, including any background information that is relevant to the firm or organisation, the announcement of the event or product, or any other information.


  • Quotes


To give the press release a personal touch, incorporate quotes from important executives, spokesmen, or other pertinent figures.


  • Product or event details


Provide particular information on the product or event being announced. Including its features, advantages, and any other relevant factors.


  • Supporting data


Include figures, research, or other evidence to back up the assertions expressed in the press release.


  • Call to action


Encourage your target audience to do something particular, like go to your website, show up at an event, or buy something.


  • Conclusion


A summary of the press release’s key elements and any other data that may be pertinent.


Contact details


The contact detail should include the person in charge of responding to media queries, along with their name, position, and contact information.


For journalists, media outlets, and other members of your target audience to contact you and learn more about your event, and development, the contact information portion of a press release is an important section.


Journalists can readily confirm the information and follow up with more inquiries if you include current and correct contact information in your press release. This could improve the likelihood that media sources will publish your press release that would distribute your message and broaden the effect and audience of your event or product launch.


Contact information can help you become more visible and generate leads by giving potential clients or stakeholders a method to contact you.


Giving your contact details, for instance, when you’re presenting a new product might assist draw potential buyers and entice them to get in touch with you for additional details.


Including your contact details also aids in establishing the credibility and responsiveness of your company. Journalists and other interested parties are more likely to trust a company that is straightforward to contact and has a simple approach to providing more information.




A summary of the business or organisation, its goods and services, and any other pertinent details. A boilerplate is a short, typical paragraph that usually appears at the end of a news release and gives background information about the business or group that issued the press release.


This section is crucial since it provides a summary of your business and what it does for journalists, media outlets, and other members of your target audience.


The boilerplate often contains details about the company’s background, mission, offerings, and any other pertinent facts that assist put the press release into context.


It also serves as a handy resource for journalists and other people who might need more information about your business and what it offers.


The boilerplate can also aid in search engine optimization (SEO) by supplying useful keywords and phrases that will raise the position of your press release in search results.


Additionally, because your boilerplate will be used in numerous press releases over time, it is crucial to keep it updated with accurate and pertinent content. By doing this, you may build up your business’ credibility and reputation with the press and other stakeholders.


Media resources


Supporting assets including photos, videos, and links to other pertinent data Images, movies, and audio files are examples of extra items that can be included with a press release as media assets. These resources can significantly improve the effectiveness of your press release and increase its attractiveness and memorability to your target audience.


Including photographs in the press releases can help to visually enhance and explain your message. For product launches, a picture may be worth a thousand words in terms of helping to express the features and benefits of your product, high-quality photos can be extremely helpful.


Videos can also be useful for explaining complicated concepts or more engagingly showcasing the advantages of your product. Audio recordings, such as an interview with a corporate spokesman or executive, might help to provide context or additional information.


Additionally, media assets can support your press release’s visibility and boost its likelihood of being picked up by media outlets. A congested news cycle, including photos and videos, can help your press release stand out and draw the interest of journalists and other members of your target audience.

Best Practice for an Effective Press Release Campaign


Best Practise for an effective press release camapaign


The following advice should be kept in mind when composing a press release:


Maintain Simplicity and Relevancy


Most Press releases must be short and direct, concentrating on the most crucial details. Additionally, they must be newsworthy, offering details on occasions or developments that the public and media would find interesting.


Make a Compelling Headline


The headline ought to attract readers’ attention and appropriately summarise the PR content. Additionally, it needs to be written in an organised, concise manner.


Use Quotes


A press release can provide depth and perspective by including quotations from important executives or spokespeople, which also helps to bring the tale to life.


Include Key Information


The who, what, when, where, and why of the event or development being reported should all be mentioned in press releases.


Format Properly


A headline, dateline, lead paragraph, body, and conclusion are all required elements of a press release’s conventional format. Press releases should also be written in a clear, simple style that is easy to read.


Exclude Specialised Language


Press releases should be written in straightforward English and free of technical jargon that the typical reader might find confusing.


Include a Contact Number


The name, position title, and contact information of the person in charge of handling media queries should be included in the press release.


Activate your Voice


The active voice, which is more interesting and makes the content simpler to understand should be used while writing press releases.




A press release should be carefully reviewed before being released to make sure it is error-free and accurately expresses the intended message.


Businesses can make sure that their press releases are efficient, polished, and well-received by the media and the general public by adhering to these best practices.


Choose your Audience Carefully


Target your press release to the media sources and journalists who are more likely to be interested in your story.



Make it Visual


Including pictures or videos in your press release can make it more interesting and successful at getting your point across.


Add a Call to Action


Encourage the reader to carry out a specific action, like going to your website or becoming a follower of you on social media.


Social Media Usage


To engage with more people and reach a wider audience, post your release on social media.


Watch your Outcomes


Measure your press release’s reach, engagement, and total impact to track its performance. You can use this to pinpoint your strategy’s shortcomings and make the necessary improvements needed.


A Follow-Up


To make sure that your story receives attention, follow up with journalists and media outlets that expressed interest in your press release.



Businesses can increase the impact of their press releases and can more successfully reach their target audience by using the advice in this article. Effective press releases can promote brand awareness, attract media attention, and improve business outcomes.

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