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Are you ready to make a splash in the media world, establish your authority, and showcase your brand on a platform that has been shaping news for over a century? Look no further! Associated Press wire service is here to help you make a lasting impact. The best part? We handle everything from writing an ap style press release to publishing it on one of the world’s most prestigious news agencies, Associated Press –!

We understand the power of being featured on the global stage, and that’s why we’ve collaborations to publish press release on Associated Press to bring you unparalleled exposure. Imagine the credibility and authority your brand will gain by being mentioned on this iconic platform!

The Associated Press (AP), an esteemed non-profit news agency based in New York City, has been a trailblazer since its establishment in 1846. With an extensive reach, the AP’s news is published and republished by over 1,300 newspapers and broadcasters. With an impressive global presence, the AP operates an impressive network of 248 news bureaus across 99 countries (Source: Wikipedia).

Why Do Brands Need To Publish Press Releases on AP?

Brands, small or large, need to publish press releases on the Associated Press for unmatched credibility, wide-reaching distribution, and a legacy of trust in news reporting, establishing them as authoritative and reliable player in their respective industries.

41M Monthly Users
(Source: APnews)
197M Page views per month
(Source: APnews)
(Source: Wikipedia)

Features of Prwire AP Press release Distribution Services

Includes PR writing

Our one low price includes ap style press release written by an experience writer with journalistic background. You don’t need to worry about writing the pr yourself or hiring a writer.

100% Guaranteed Placement

Our collaborations ensure that your associated press news release is published subject to your niche is allowed. We will make multiple attempts to ensure your pr is published. Please check niche allowed section before ordering or contact us to be sure.

Allow Hyperlinks

We can add upto 3 anchor text hyperlinks to your site in the PR content.

DoFollow Links

Apnews allow dofollow link to your site which helps in seo.

Fast TAT

Your PR campaign will be completed within 7 working days and full report with live links will be provided.

How AP Press Release Distribution Services Works?



Our team of expert writers will craft a compelling ap style press release that captures the essence of your brand and resonates with your target audience. We take care of every aspect, ensuring that your message is polished and impactful. From the headline to the body, we’ll create a narrative that captivates readers and journalists alike.



Once your press release is ready, we secure its publication on, a high authority website with an impressive domain authority (DA) of 92. This means that your news will be featured on a platform that is trusted and respected by millions of readers worldwide. It’s like having a megaphone for your brand, amplifying your message to a vast and engaged audience.



We believe in transparency and delivering measurable results. That’s why we provide you with a complete report that includes live links to your published press release on You can track the performance of your press release and witness its impact firsthand. And that’s not all! Your press release will also include a dofollow backlink, enhancing your website’s SEO and driving valuable organic traffic.

Why Should You Choose PRWire AP Press Release Distribution Services?


Showcase your Authority: You can proudly showcase yourself as “As Seen On” Associated Press, an accolade that instantly elevates your brand’s credibility and authority. Imagine the impression it will make on potential customers, investors, and industry peers. It’s a powerful stamp of recognition that sets you apart from the competition.
 ✔Powerful PR promoting your brand on The scale of’s readership is staggering. With 41 million monthly visitors, your PR has the potential to reach an extensive and engaged audience.
Only PR service that includes PR writing under the same low price: Many PR services charge extra fees for writing and crafting your press release. However, the unique advantage of this service is that it combines press release writing and distribution at a single, affordable rate. This not only saves you time and effort but also ensures that your press release is expertly composed to maximize its impact.
Dofollow links: Dofollow links are valuable in search engine optimization (SEO). These links pass on “link juice” to your website, potentially improving its search engine ranking. We are among very few providers of AP press release distribution in USA who could provide a dofllow link from apnews.
High Domain Authority: Domain Authority is a measure of a website’s authority and influence in the online world. A DA of 92 is exceptionally high, signifying that is a trusted and respected source of news and information. Having your PR associated with such a high DA site boosts your own credibility and reputation.

Ready to Ignite the Spotlight & Amplify Your Brand

Take the incredible benefits of our Associated Press wire service. Increase your credibility, gain a dofollow backlink, and proudly showcase yourself as an authority in your industry. Contact us today and witness the transformative power of global recognition!

Things to Note


  • Certain niche’s are not allowed. Please check niche allowed section here or contact us before placing the order
  • Crypto is allowed.
  • Only press release content written in a third party news style is allowed. General articles, opinions, stories, self-promotions etc are not allowed.
  • Media contact information (website, company name, contact person, company email, city, state, country based) is required.

Frequently Asked Questions About AP Press Release Distribution

How to distribute AP press releases?

To distribute an AP (Associated Press) press release, you can follow these steps:

  1. Write a well-crafted press release following AP style guidelines.
  2. Create an account with a reputable press release distribution service like that has a partnership with AP or access to its network.
  3. Submit your press release to the distribution service, ensuring it meets the AP’s standards.
  4. The distribution service will review and send the release to AP and other relevant media outlets.
  5. Your AP press release will be distributed to APNews, reaching various news organizations and publications.

How to get featured in the Associated Press release?

To increase your chances of getting your press release featured in the Associated Press, you need to create newsworthy content that aligns with AP’s editorial criteria. Craft a compelling press release and distribute it through a reputable distribution service that has a connection to AP such as PRwire. If AP finds your story valuable and relevant, they may choose to feature it in their news distribution.

What are the guidelines for an Associated Press release?

Associated Press follows specific style and content guidelines for press releases. Some key points include:

  • Use a clear and concise headline.
  • Include relevant and newsworthy information.
  • Follow AP style for writing and formatting.
  • Include contact information for media inquiries.
  • Avoid promotional language and focus on factual reporting.
  • Ensure accuracy and proper attribution of quotes.

Why should you hire an Associated Press press release distribution provider?

Hiring an AP press release distribution provider offers several benefits, such as:

  • Access to AP’s extensive network of media outlets.
  • Expertise in crafting press releases that meet AP standards.
  • Increased visibility and credibility for your news.
  • Improved chances of getting your story featured by AP.
  • Efficient distribution to a wide audience, saving you time and effort.

How much does an AP press release cost?

The cost of distributing an AP PR can vary depending on the distribution service you choose and the level of service you require. Pricing typically ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.  PRwire offers one of the most cost-effective Associated press release distribution services for only $299. Contact us to launch press release on associated press.

What are the components of an AP style press release?

An AP style press release typically includes:

  • A clear and concise headline.
  • A dateline with the release date and location.
  • An introductory paragraph with the most important information.
  • Subsequent paragraphs providing additional details.
  • Quotes from relevant sources.
  • Contact information for media inquiries.
  • A boilerplate about your company or organization.


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