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Are you ready to make a resounding impact, establish yourself as an industry leader, and reach a vast audience on the world’s most prominent financial platforms? Look no further! Prwire.co Yahoo press release distribution services, is here to elevate your brand to new heights. We handle everything from crafting your press release to publishing it on one of the world’s most popular financial news websites: Yahoo Finance.

We understand the significance of being featured on platforms that shape the financial industry. That’s why we’ve formed partnerships to submit press releases to Yahoo Finance, aiming to provide exceptional exposure.

Yahoo finance, known as one of the most esteemed websites globally, offers a comprehensive range of financial news, data, and commentary. From stock quotes to financial reports and original content, Yahoo provides a wealth of valuable information. With its high domain authority (DA), trust flow (TF), and overall authority, having your site mentioned on this prestigious platform can significantly enhance your website’s credibility and authority.

Why Do Brands Need To Publish Press Releases on Yahoo?

Brands need to publish press releases on Yahoo for extensive online visibility and access to its large user base, enhancing their reach and credibility in the digital realm.

93M Monthly Visitors
YAHOO FINANCE. (Source: Comscore, July 2022, U.S.)
#1Platform for Business News
YAHOO FINANCE. (Source: Comscore, July 2022, U.S.)

Features of PRWIre Yahoo Press Release Distribution

Includes PR writing

Prwire yahoo press release services includes press release written by an experience writer with journalistic background without any extra cost. You don’t need to worry about writing the pr yourself or hiring a writer.

100% Guaranteed Placement

Prwire.co ranks among the leading Yahoo press release distribution providers. We ensure that your press release is published, provided it aligns with the permitted niches. We make multiple attempts to secure the publication of your press release. Please check niche allowed section before ordering or contact us to be sure.

Allow Hyperlinks

We can add upto 3 anchor text hyperlinks to your site in the content.

Fast TAT

Your Yahoo Finance press release campaign will be completed within 7 working days and full report with live links will be provided.

How Yahoo Press Release Distribution Service Works?



Our team of skilled writers is dedicated to telling your brand’s story in a compelling and captivating way. We take care of every aspect of Yahoo press release writing, ensuring that your message is clear, impactful, and resonates with your target audience. From the headline to the body, we’ll create a narrative that captivates readers and journalists alike.



Once your press release is crafted to perfection, the next step is to submit press release to yahoo finance where we secure its publication. These high authority websites boast an impressive domain authority (DA) of 93+, which means that your news will be showcased on platforms trusted and visited by millions of readers worldwide. It’s like having a spotlight on your brand, amplifying your message and establishing your authority in the financial landscape.



We believe in transparency and delivering measurable results. That’s why we provide you with a comprehensive report that includes live links to your published press release on Yahoo Finance. You can track the performance of your Yahoo press release submission, measure its impact, and witness the exposure it generates for your brand.

Why Should You Choose PRWire Press Release Distribution Services?


Showcase Your Credibility: Being featured on Yahoo Finance is a prestigious accomplishment. It allows you to proudly display the “As Seen On” Yahoo Finance badge, demonstrating your credibility and authority in your industry. This recognition leaves a lasting impression on potential customers, investors, and industry peers, as they see your association with a respected financial news platform.


All-Inclusive PR Service: Unlike other Yahoo press release distribution services, we offer the unique advantage of Yahoo press release writing at an affordable rate. This means you not only gain access to Yahoo Finance’s massive audience but also receive expertly crafted press releases that meet the platform’s standards, ensuring maximum impact and exposure.


Mass Exposure on a Powerful Platform: Yahoo Finance is known for its powerful and high-traffic media site, making it an ideal platform for achieving mass exposure. Your press release could reach a vast audience of readers, including investors, financial professionals, and consumers interested in financial news and updates.


Impressive Domain and Page Authority: Yahoo Finance boasts an impressive Domain Authority (DA) of 93 and Page Authority (PA) of 94. These high authority scores signify that the platform is trusted and respected by search engines, which can improve the visibility of your press release in search results and further enhance your online reputation.


Permanent Visibility: Your press release on Yahoo Finance isn’t just a fleeting moment of exposure. It offers permanent visibility, ensuring that your news and achievements remain accessible to a global audience for the long term. This lasting presence can continue to benefit your brand and reputation.


Cost-Effective Pricing: Despite the immense value and exposure that Yahoo Finance provides, our service offers all these benefits at an affordable price. We believe in making this valuable opportunity accessible to businesses and individuals without breaking the bank which makes us the premier Yahoo press release distribution provider.


Ready to Supercharge Your Success with Yahoo Finance Press Release

Don’t miss out on the incredible benefits of Prwire yahoo press release services. Buy now and experience the transformative power of global recognition! Contact our friendly support clear any doubt you might have.


Things to Note


  • Yahoo finance press release doesn’t allow certain niche. Please check niche allowed section here or contact us before placing the order
  • Crypto is allowed.
  • Yahoo press release writing follows strict editorial guidelines. Only press release content written in a third party news style is allowed. General articles, opinions, stories, self-promotions etc are not allowed.
  • Media contact information (website, company name, contact person, company email, city, state, country based) is required.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yahoo Press Release

How does a press release get featured on Yahoo?

Yahoo Finance features press releases based on the relevance and newsworthiness of the content. To increase the chances of your press release getting featured, ensure that it is well-written, contains valuable information, and is related to finance or business topics. Yahoo may also use algorithms to identify relevant press releases. There is no guaranteed method for getting featured, as it depended on the editorial judgment and automated algorithms used by Yahoo Finance. However, we do guarantee that if your niche is allowed, your press release will be published on Yahoo Finance.

What are the Yahoo press release guidelines?

Yahoo Finance typically has guidelines for press release submissions, which include ensuring that your press release is accurate, free from promotional language, and relevant to the financial or business community. They may also have formatting and length requirements. You may review these Niche guidelines and can also read these press release guidelines.

Why should you hire a Yahoo press release distribution provider?

You may choose to hire Yahoo press release distribution providers like PR Wire for various reasons, such as expertise in targeting specific audiences, maximizing reach, and enhancing the chances of media coverage. Prwire.co offers guaranteed Yahoo finance press release distribution subject to your niche is allowed.

How much does Yahoo press release distribution cost?

Prwire Yahoo Press release distribution costs just $349 which includes yahoo press release writing, distribution to Yahoo Finance, and followed by full report.

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