10 Common Press Release Mistakes & How To Fix Them?

press release mistakes and how to fix them

Press releases are powerful tools for businesses to communicate with the media and the public. They help in spreading news, building brand awareness, and attracting attention from potential customers. However, crafting an effective press release requires careful consideration and attention to detail. In this blog post, we’ll discuss ten common press release mistakes and provide practical solutions on how to fix them.

10 Common PR Mistakes & How To Fix Them?

Let’s explore ten frequently made press release mistakes and provide actionable tips on how to fix them, ensuring your press releases capture attention and deliver the desired impact.

10 press release mistakes

Not Focusing on the Newsworthy Aspect of Your Story

Press releases should contain newsworthy information to capture the attention of journalists and readers. Businesses need to avoid writing press releases that are too self-promotional and lack real news value. This loses the interest of journalists and readers. To fix this mistake, ensure that your press release offers something unique, timely, or significant. Highlight the key points that make your story relevant and interesting to your target audience. Ask yourself, “Why should people care?” and “What makes this news?” Focus on these elements right from the start.

Boring Headlines

The headline is the first thing people see, so it needs to be attention-grabbing. A lackluster headline can cause your press release to be overlooked, even if the content is compelling. To fix this PR mistake:

  1. Craft attention-grabbing headlines that pique curiosity and make people want to read further.
  2. Make your headline compelling, concise, and relevant to your story.
  3. Use action verbs, numbers, or intriguing questions to pique curiosity and encourage readers to continue reading.

Making it All About You

Press releases should focus on providing value to the reader rather than solely promoting your company. Press releases that are overly self-promotional and focus too much on your company’s achievements without connecting them to a broader context or audience interest can turn off readers. While it’s essential to showcase your company’s accomplishments, frame your press release in a way that highlights how your news benefits your target audience or solves a common pain point. Focus on the problem you’re solving, the solution you’re offering, or the impact your story has on your industry or community.

Not Modifying Headlines to Fit the Audience

Using a one-size-fits-all approach for all media outlets and audiences doesn’t work. Different audiences have different interests and preferences. To fix this mistake, customize your headlines that go with the specific audience you’re targeting. Consider their needs, concerns, and interests, and tailor your messaging accordingly. For example, if you’re targeting a particular industry, incorporate relevant keywords or terms they’ll recognize.

Not Utilizing The Power of Social Media

Social media platforms are valuable channels for distributing press releases and reaching a wider audience. Failing to leverage social media channels can significantly limit the reach and impact of your press release.

To fix this mistake:

  1. Leverage social media to amplify your press release’s reach.
  2. Share it across your company’s social media profiles, connect with followers, and encourage them to share it with their networks.
  3. Create engaging posts, use relevant hashtags, and consider multimedia elements like images or videos to increase visibility.

Not Focusing on Relevancy

Press releases should be relevant to current events, industry trends, or your target audience’s interests. Sending out a press release that lacks relevance to the recipient can lead to it being ignored or discarded.

To fix this press release mistake:

  1. Ensure that your press release is timely and aligned with what’s happening in your industry or the world.
  2. Find angles that make your story relevant and compelling to journalists and readers.
  3. Research your target media outlets and tailor your press release to align with their typical coverage areas and editorial interests.

Setting up the Wrong Tone

The tone of your press release sets the mood for how your news is received. Using a tone that doesn’t match your brand identity or audience’s expectations is not only a mistake but also unprofessional. To fix this mistake, consider the tone appropriate for your audience and the nature of your announcement. Whether it’s formal, conversational, or enthusiastic, make sure it aligns with your brand voice and the message you want to convey. In general, aim for a balanced, informative, and slightly promotional tone.

Releasing it in the Wrong Time & Date

Timing plays a crucial role in the success of a press release. You must avoid sending your press release at a time when it is likely to be overshadowed by other significant events or news updates. To fix this PR mistake, research the best times and days to distribute your press release based on your target audience’s habits and the news cycle. Avoid releasing it during major holidays, weekends, or conflicting news events. Generally, weekday mornings are ideal for most industries.

Not Adding Clear CTA (Call to Action)

Every press release should include a clear call to action, prompting readers to take the next step. Leaving readers uncertain about what to do next after reading your press release is a loss of engagement (leads, sales, or traffic). To fix this PR mistake, clearly state what action you want your audience to take after reading your press release. Whether it’s visiting your website, downloading a resource, or contacting your company, make it easy for them to follow through. End your press release with a compelling CTA that encourages readers to take a specific action.

Writing in the Third Person

As per editorial standards, press releases are mainly written in a third-party writing style. However, writing in the third person can make your press release feel distant and impersonal. To fix this press release mistake, consider using a mix of first and third-person perspectives to add warmth and authenticity to your writing. Speak directly to your audience and humanize your message to make it more engaging and relatable. You can do this by providing a company spokesperson quote in a press release written in the first person writing style. This adds a more conversational and relatable tone.

Crafting an effective press release is a balance of art and strategy. By avoiding these common press release mistakes and applying these fixes, you can significantly increase the chances of your press release making an impact. Remember, a press release is more than just an announcement; it’s a story waiting to be told and a chance to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.


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