How to Cite a Press Release? A Comprehensive Guide

How to cite a press release

Nowadays, press releases serve as crucial tools for sending information to the media and the public. They provide a concise summary of news, events, or updates about organizations, products, or services. It is essential to understand how to properly cite press releases to maintain accuracy and integrity in our work. This way, you can provide information, or evidence to back up your facts. In this blogpost. we will delve into the importance of press release citations, various citation styles, best practices for accurate citations, and provide press release citation examples for clarity.

Importance of Citing Press Releases

Citing press releases is a common practice among students, writers, and researchers. It helps them include information for more credibility without plagiarising their work.

Using others’ ideas and words without crediting them is not only unethical but also leads to plagiarism issues. To avoid that from happening, citing the sources is a must. This way you can give authors due credit and make your content plagiarism proof.

Press release citations enhance transparency and credibility by allowing readers to verify the information independently. This provides a roadmap for readers to trace the origins of the information back to its primary source and learn more about the topic themselves. 

Citation Styles for Press Releases

There are three main ways to cite a press release in your work. These include – APA, MLA, and Chicago. Regardless of the style used, the facts or information will remain the same.

Citation styles for press release


APA Style


APA citation for press release is a widely used format in the psychology, anthropology, and sociology fields. It is called APA citation because it was created by the American Psychological Association.

To use APA press release style citation, you must follow these steps:

  • Add the organization’s name to reveal the source.
  • Include the publication date in the year-month-day format.
  • Add the press release’s title in italics.
  • Put the words “Press Release” in square brackets and add it after the title.
  • To add a URL, use the words “Retrieved from.”
  • To quote the press release or paraphrase it in your paper, add the organization’s name and the published date. Use a comma to separate these in-text citations.


MLA Style

MLA press release citation is created by the Association of Modern Languages. This style is widely used by humanities students in their academic papers. You can use this citation format by following these steps:

  • Include the author, business, or organization’s name. For government agencies, add the country or state’s name. Then, add the department, and division.
  • Add the press release’s title in quotation marks and capitalize all verbs, adjectives, nouns, pronouns, and adverbs. You should end the title with a period.
  • Put “Press Release” after the title in italics. You must also include the published date in the day-month-year format.
  • Copy the press release’s link or URL to include it in your work. Use the word “Accessed” and the date you accessed the press release. It should be in the day-month-year format.
  • You can mention the organization’s name after the press release’s title within quotation marks.


Chicago Style

After MLA and APA citations for press release styles, the Chicago style is the most common. It has a simple format, used mainly in history, humanities, and social sciences. To cite a press release in Chicago style, you should do the following:

  • You need to specify the organization or author’s name.
  • Add the press release’s title using quotation marks. You should write the title in capital letters.
  • Mention the press release’s published date in the month-day-year format. You must use a period at the end.
  • Include the site’s name from where you got the information, and then the URL. Use a comma to separate the site’s name and the link.
  • Use the words “Access” and include the date in the month-day-year format. You should close the citation using a period.

Best Practices for Accurate Citations

Using accurate citations in academic papers, or research work is crucial. It upholds the integrity and credibility of your work. Follow these tips to ensure your citations are reliable.

Best Practices for citations

  • Verifying Information

Verifying the information before including it in your work is important. It helps you ensure that the information is correct. For more accuracy, you should check multiple sources. It is important to double-check facts, figures, and dates to avoid giving wrong information to your readers.

  • Quoting Directly from Press Releases

When citing information from press releases, it’s important to quote directly. You cannot change the information. Paraphrasing is acceptable, but ensure that the meaning remains intact. Plus, you are required to mention the source, published date, and organization’s name. You can take help from press release citation examples to cite correctly.

  • Maintaining Consistency

Maintaining consistency when citing press releases in your work is important. By following a consistent citation style either APA, MLA, or Chicago throughout your work, you can avoid confusion. Plus, it helps you to maintain professionalism. Double-check your citations to ensure everything is done correctly.

Examples of Press Release Citations 

The three main citation styles – APA citation for press release, Chicago, and MLA are used by both professionals, writers and students. Each format follows a specific style, making them different from each other. To help you out, we have provided press release citation examplesfor each style.

  • APA Style

Example: Apple. (2024, March 26). Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference returns June 10, 2024 [Press release]. Retrieved from

  • MLA Style

Example: Apple. “Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference returns June 10, 2024.” Apple Press Release, 26 March. 2024. Accessed 01 April. 2024.

  • Chicago Style

Example: Apple. “Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference returns June 10, 2024.” Apple press release, March 26, 2024. On the Apple website., accessed April 01, 2024.



Citing press releases in your work helps avoid plagiarism issues and credit the owner. It is a good way to make your work more credible and provide information to your readers.


Frequently Asked Question about Press release Citation

A. Can I cite a press release in academic research?

Yes, citing press releases in academic research is acceptable, especially when they provide valuable information or data relevant to your study. However, it’s crucial to critically evaluate the credibility and reliability of the press release source. Whenever possible, supplement press release citations with additional sources to support your arguments and ensure the robustness of your research.

B. How do I cite a press release with no author?

When a press release does not have a specified author, you can use the title of the press release as the starting point for the citation. In most citation styles (such as APA, MLA, and Chicago), the title is placed at the beginning of the citation. Ensure that the title is formatted correctly according to the citation style guidelines and provide the publication date and URL to complete the citation.


C. Are there different rules for citing online press releases?

While the fundamental principles of citing press releases remain consistent regardless of the format, there may be slight variations in citation rules for online press releases. For instance, when citing an online press release, it’s essential to include the URL where it can be accessed. Additionally, ensure that the citation conforms to the specific guidelines of the chosen citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) regarding online sources.


D. What tools can help automate the citation process?

Several citation management tools are available to automate the citation process and facilitate accurate referencing. Some popular tools include Zotero, Mendeley, EndNote, Citation Machine and EasyBib Press Release Distribution Service

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