Press Release Marketing Profits Exposed!

Press Release Marketing Profits Exposed!

Press release marketing is a hidden gem. Press releases will not only boost your website’s overall traffic, but will also increase your overall profit.

Press releases are like a big announcement. When you submit a press release to a press release website, it will get distributed across the web. Not only will other website’s pick up your press release but the press release will also be listed in Google. Sometimes if you write a press release around a certain keyword, it will get picked up and ranked on the first page of Google within a few hours after it’s published.

Press releases are seriously powerful, but why then do so many newbies crash and burn with press releases?

The fact is, most newcomers online are very afraid to spend money. They fear that they will not obtain any results from their efforts. What I mean is, with press releases you need to go to a source where you pay a small fee for MASSIVE distribution. You’ll get LOADS of traffic and the traffic will most likely contribute to increased sales.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer who promotes other people’s products or whether you are an internet marketer with your own product, press releases can get the news out about your website. It’s vital that you do press release marketing as a way to increase your overall popularity with Google, due to the increase in backlinks as well as to increase your overall traffic.

Let’s face it. The majority of online marketers struggle to get traffic.

It’s because they don’t use powerful social media tools like press releases.

If you go to a website like you can learn how to write an effective press release Once you learn how to write a good press release about your website, then you need to do a premium distribution. In my personal experience I have found that free press release distribution services don’t match up to premium distribution. With premium distribution your press release get’s blasted to ever corner of the web, including some of the most powerful news sites on the web. Not only do you get blasted to all the website, but your press release also get’s sent out to thousands of readers who have subscribed to receive press releases.

Once you have done a premium distribution you will see some serious traffic come to your website after a couple of days.

As a matter of fact it will be more like a tidal wave of traffic.

So go ahead and give press releases a try. It works wonders.

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