30 Ideas For Press Release Marketing Topics

30 Ideas For Press Release Marketing Topics

Have you heard the buzz about press release marketing, but are confused as to how a press release can benefit you? Then you’re not alone. Most entrepreneurs believe press releases are only for giant corporations, so they aren’t using them. Which just means more opportunity for you.

It used to be that press releases were submitted in the hopes that somebody in the press would actually publish the release, giving the company thousands, or even tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in free advertising. But not any more. In today’s “Flat Earth” climate, a press release can be about almost anything, from anybody.

The real benefits of a press release are the direct traffic from the press release directories, and the high quality links back to your site.

Don’t think you have any “press release material” to write about? Here’s a tip: stop thinking of your press release as a press release, and instead consider it a “newsy” article. In truth, that’s what most press releases are.

That being said, here are 30 brainstorming topics to help you get some ideas on what to write about in your press release marketing.

1. Starting a new venture

2. Launching a new product line

3. Celebrating an anniversary (of the company, product launch, web-site, etc.)

4. Restructuring of the company

5. Announcing a partnership

6. Writing a statement of position regarding a local, regional or national issue

7. Receiving an award

8. Announcing free products available

9. Participating in a philanthropic event

10. Announcing recognition earned through a 3rd party publication or web-site

11. Offering an article series for publishing

12. Changing the company or product name

13. Introducing a unique strategy/approach

14. Announcing that you’re available as a public speaker

15. Opening new offices or buildings

16. Announcing a public appearance

17. Launching a website

18. Receiving an appointment

19. Announcing that you’ve reached a major milestone

20. Announcing a new, significant customer

21. Expanding or renovating the business

22. Announcing that somebody in your business has been named to serve in a community, professional or charitable organization

23. Overcoming some type of adversity

24. Restructuring your business or its business model

25. Forming a new strategic partnership or alliance

26. Announcing the results of your research

27. Announcing the results of a survey you conducted

28. Sponsoring a workshop or seminar

29. Forecasting future business trends

30. Setting up an advisory group

These are just a few of the ideas you can use to create a press release. And once you have it online, it’s like one more tiny soldier in your online marketing army, sending your site a great link, as well as driving direct traffic back to your site.

Dave Sherwin is an online network marketing expert who won the “Rookie Of The Year” award in his network marketing company. He is also the co-founder of the Lighthouse Marketing System.

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