How Economical Click Received Unprecedented PR Syndications, Traffic Surge & Instant Rank Boost!

1. Huge Reach

The snapshot shows the performance of one of our recent campaign. As you can you see, within just few days, the press release was syndicated on more than 1800,000 sites. This is insane. No other service has the ability to provide such a massive exposure in just few days.

2. Traffic

Our Press release not only creates huge exposure, brand awareness, increased backlinks and media coverage but also results into real people reading your PR. You may receive high quality visitors from these authority news sites. The below snapshot shows one of our recent campaign which got more than 1000 visitors to the news story in 15 days.

3. Rank Increase

As a result of our premium press release, the campaign got instant push in rankings.

PLEASE NOTE: The stats shown above are real for some of our campaigns. However they are not guaranteed.

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