PR Wire pricing

PR Wire pricing
PR Wire pricing

Content syndication on world’s top sites is no doubt one of the most successful way to promote & grow your business. With the help of our Newswire service, you can get featured on some of world’s top media sites which not only results in your brand visibility but also creates high authority. About MeITips and Tricks

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Certain Niche are not allowed. Please check FAQ before Ordering.



What Niche’s are not allowed?

We do not allow distribution of the press release with following content:

(a) alleges illegal or unethical behavior on the part of another party, 

(b) alleges breach of contract on the part of another party, or otherwise threatens any party with litigation, or 

(c) makes false or misleading claims regarding the identified sponsor or any third party or the products or services of the identified sponsor of any third party.

1) Adult / nudity or relevant content.

2) Betting / gambling or relevant content.

3) Buying likes, followers and views for social media websites such as twitter, facebook,youTube, instagram etc.

  • 4) ClickBank/ClickSure hopLinks, affiliate marketing links or relevant websites selling products / ebooks on get-rich quick schemes, phone unlock, FOREX trading, proven/unproven medical alternatives and protocols. (including weight-loss products and nutritional supplements like garcinia cambogia, forskolin & etc).

5) Website Links flagged as potential malware threats.

6) Content related to Payday Loans / Credit scores / reports / ratings 

7) Content related to Bail Bonds 

8) Content with derogatory statements about other companies.

9) Erectile dysfunction & related or breast enhancement/enlargement or even the massage centers.

10) Other than above we don’t allow the following:

  • phone unlock content.
  • Crypto Currency or Coin’s.
  • •   Politics  
  • •   Explosives, Guns, Weapons 
  • •   Alcohol, Illicit Drugs, Tobacco  
  • •   Cosmetic procedures and body modification  
  • •   Dating   
  • •   Sexual reproductive health

What are the Requirements?

We Require the following:
Website url, 3 keywords, Contact Name, Company Name, Company Phone, Company Email, Country Based, Press Release Idea/Topic etc.

Do you guarantee traffic, rankings or sales?

No. We don’t guarantee sales, traffic or rankings although thousands of people have benefited after using our service.

Do you Guarantee Google News Inclusion

Yes we do. Your press release will appear in Google News.

Do you provide report?

Our Work is Always Backed with a Verifiable Report. You will get a complete report to your email id after your campaign completion within 10 days of your order.

What is the meaning of Possible Audience Reach?

It means approximate number of people visiting media sites where your PR will publish every month.

It is not an estimate of traffic to your site.