From Newbie to Success Story: How John Turned Press Releases into a $200K Income Stream!


John* from India, a newcomer to the online business world, struggled to generate substantial income. Seeking a solution, he discovered our press release distribution company and purchased one of our packages to assist a local client. The outstanding results and client satisfaction prompted John to explore further opportunities within our company.



Recognizing John’s potential, we advised him to become a reseller, leveraging our bulk packages to reduce costs per PR campaign and increase profitability. Additionally, we offered him the unique advantage of private label reports, allowing him to promote his brand without any additional charges. Empowered with these resources, John embarked on his journey to success.



We guided John on selling our press release services across various freelance platforms, capitalizing on the growing demand for quality PR distribution. Armed with our proven track record and the impressive results he achieved for his initial client, John quickly gained credibility and attracted a steady stream of customers.



Over the course of just two years, John’s commitment and determination paid off. By offering our press release services, he has generated over $200K in revenue, transforming his venture into a full-time income stream. His success story stands as a testament to the immense potential of selling press releases.

Here are the snapshot of his earning he shared with us for 2 platforms.



John’s journey from a struggling newcomer to a thriving reseller is a prime example of the opportunities our press release distribution company offers. By providing comprehensive packages, cost-effective bulk pricing, and private label reports, we empowered John to establish his brand and unlock substantial earnings. Are you ready to follow in John’s footsteps and make a lucrative income by joining our network of resellers? Take the first step towards your own success story today!


* John is not the real name. We are hiding his identity to protect the privacy of our resellers.

** PLEASE NOTE: While many clients have seen increase in seo rankings, traffic, recognition and authority after using our service, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THEM.


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