Client Background:

Kohdi Rayne, the visionary behind The Mantis Program, is dedicated to empowering individuals to become the best versions of themselves while establishing a rock-solid foundation for their businesses. As a client of our press release service, Kohdi experienced remarkable results that surpassed his expectations.


Client Testimonial:

Upon receiving our press release service, Kohdi Rayne couldn’t contain his excitement and sent us a glowing testimonial that speaks volumes about his satisfaction and the success he achieved:

“Hi there! I posted this rating for you: ‘I’m BEYOND appreciative and thankful for the quality work and turnaround for 2 orders. I’m a returning customer, and this service has ranked me on the first page of Google overnight on 2 separate occasions for 2 different products. Not only is my product globally recognized now, but I’m also syndicated on over 300 major news outlets, and let’s just say…my clients are damn impressed, and I’ll be back for more. I highly recommend this phenomenal service.'”

Challenges and Goals:

Kohdi Rayne faced the challenge of establishing widespread recognition for The Mantis Program. He sought a solution that would not only elevate his product’s visibility but also position him as a respected authority in the industry. With ambitious goals in mind, he turned to our press release service for assistance.


Solution and Implementation:

Our dedicated team crafted compelling press releases tailored to the unique offerings of The Mantis Program. With a focus on delivering high-quality content, we ensured that each press release resonated with target audiences and conveyed the value and transformative power of Kohdi’s program. Through careful research, strategic keyword placement, and an understanding of industry trends, we maximized the potential for success.



The impact of our press release service exceeded Kohdi Rayne’s expectations. Within a short period, he witnessed outstanding outcomes that elevated his brand’s visibility, credibility, and global recognition. The key achievements included:

  1. Instant Ranking: Through our press release distribution, Kohdi experienced remarkable overnight success, ranking on the first page of Google for two separate product launches. This exposure significantly increased his product’s visibility and captured the attention of potential clients.
  2. Extensive Syndication: Our press release service catapulted The Mantis Program to new heights, achieving syndication on over 300 major news outlets. This widespread coverage amplified Kohdi’s brand and established him as a reputable figure in the industry.
  3. Impressed Clients: The recognition garnered through our press release service left a lasting impression on Kohdi’s clients, elevating their perception of his brand and solidifying his reputation as an authority. The service’s success had a positive impact on his business and paved the way for continued growth.



Kohdi Rayne’s journey with our press release service stands as a testament to the phenomenal results that can be achieved through strategic press release distribution. By leveraging our expertise, he unlocked the power of global recognition, search engine rankings, and client satisfaction. Are you ready to follow in Kohdi’s footsteps and elevate your brand to new heights? Discover the transformative potential of our press release service and embark on your own remarkable success story today!



* PLEASE NOTE: While many clients have seen increase in seo rankings, traffic, recognition and authority after using our service, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THEM.

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