Guaranteed Media Coverage in 3 Simple Steps

Every day, Millions of people wants to announce something to the world. An artist wants to announce the launch of his new track, a writer has written a new book, a techie has created a new software, a scientist has recorded a new invention or you simply want to announce the launch of your new website or business. However most of them don’t know how they should do it.

If you hire a big PR firm, it can cost you thousands of dollars. You may want to start a social media promotion or paid advertising campaign but that could again cost big budget. Writing a blog or creating a video could be a time consuming task.

This is where can help. provides a complete hand free solution to help people announce their stories to the world. Through our partnership with leading media sites, we can publish our client’s press release on hundreds of top media, newspapers, radio, regional media sites with a total combined audience reach of 180 Million.

The best part is that Prwire will take care of all the hassles from writing the story to sending to editors, publishing to preparing reports. All you have to do is just sit back, relax and see our team creating the buzz for you.

The Process is simple. Here’s How it works.

Step 1: Writing

The very first step is crafting a unique news style press release content that could meet editorial guidelines and media sites standards. A well written content will also attract more readers. The good news is that unlike other providers that charge extra amount (ranging from $50 to $100) to write press release content, our one low price includes standard press release writing as well. For a little extra, you can have a US based native writer with journalistic background to write the press release for you. Once the press release is written, it will be sent to you for review. You can check if all the information is correct or if any further changes required. Upon your confirmation, we will move on to Step 2.

For those who have already written the press release can simply contact us and provide their copy.

Step 2: Distribution

Now this is the time to send your press release to all the media sites through our distribution network. For optimum exposure, your press release is distributed as per below:


1)      Core Network

We will Publish the Press Release on 300+ media sites which includes Digital Journal, Ibtimes, WND, AZCentral as well as Local channels of Fox, abc, NBC, CBS (For eg:, We will also submit to TV, Radio, NewsPapers, Local Media, regional Media sites etc. If you have purchased Yahoo Finance, USAToday or Reuters Add on, we will also publish your PR on these sites as well.


2)       Financial Feeds & Indian Media

The PR will also be sent as financial feeds which appear in tickers, sidebars, news feeds etc on 100+ site like The Telegraph, Telegram, The Sun etc. Please note that Financial Feeds doesn’t appear directly on sites. They appear on ticker, sidebar etc for some time only.

We will then send the PR to some local Indian news, media, and newspapers sites. You have the option to skip the Indian media sites for your PR campaign.


3)     Social Media

For more exposure, we will share your press release on many social media accounts.

Step 3: Reporting

Our Work is Always Backed with a Verifiable Report. We will send you a complete report with all the 300+ links where your PR is published. You will get mix of Dofollow and Nofollow links. Infact we are among very Few Suppliers who can give Dofollow links from Press Release.

As you can see it is a completely done for you system where everything is taken care by us. It is a fact that Content is king and distribution is queen. You may get instant exposure, brand awareness & increased traffic through our ‘Done For You’ press release distribution service. You will also get hundreds of authority backlinks from high DA websites and may get instant boost in seo. Your credibility will increase & your client will trust you when they see you have been mentioned in top media sites.
We also Guarantee Google News Inclusion


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