Sample Press Release Product Launch – How to Write a Product Launch Press Release

Undoubtedly, the role of the media in ensuring the promotion of a product and its success is vital for many organizations and companies; despite the openness that social networks have provided as platforms for exposure.

It is due to this role of the media as a propellant and multiplier of information; press releases continue to be a tool of special importance among companies wishing to publicize their various developments to the public, supported by journalists.

Getting the attention of the media is fundamental

The product launch press release, like any other strategy, implies attracting the attention of the media. That is why every company must make an effort to write a timely and clear press release; with the necessary information for journalists to be interested in your event.

As with all press releases, they should not exceed half a page or a full page in length.

Steps to Writing a Product Launch Press Release

You may choose to include your company logo at the top left, followed by contact information for journalists interested in more information. (Both recommendations are completely optional)

Identify your press release, based on what they will encounter: a product launch press release.

Develop a good title that attracts attention; do not forget that the idea is to promote your product. It is of utmost importance to capture the media’s interest in knowing more features and lead them to promote the event.

Then include the date and location before the lead; a paragraph that gives a general description of the launch, able to answer the questions who? What? When? Where? Why?

In the process it is important do not to lose sight of the fact the main objective will always be product promotion; therefore you must avoid going into other aspects.

When writing the body, focus on explaining some important points about the information previously provided, including information about the product in detail. Including photographs in this part to support the product description is a wise decision.

The idea is to make clear what are its features, its contribution to consumers, availability, sizes, prices, and offers, among others. This part should also indicate the place and date of the product launch.

What follows in the press release is the information related to the company. At this point; a paragraph will be developed with general data about the company and its products, which will place the journalists concerning to the nature of the business.

In case you have not incorporated in the upper part data with contact information of the company; this is the moment to do it. It is necessary to include the numbers and e-mail addresses of the departments in charge, or general data of the company if there is no public relations department.

This is essential for any company wishing to develop a successful product launch with the support of the media.

In closing, these three ### symbols will suffice to make it clear to journalists that the release about product launch has come to an end.

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