Press Release Example New Hire

Press Release Example New Hire

How to write a new hire press release

An effective way to keep the media updated and interested in different aspects of your organization, company, or business, is through the use of press releases. This tool is also an effective way to maintain the link with the media. People often search for press release example for new hire to write a pr and introduce their new hiring to the press and public.

Every company, regardless of the service or product it offers, will at some point need to use this journalistic instrument to establish a position on a certain controversy; announce the news, promote an event or new product, announce a new hire, etc.

Why write about a new hire?

Large corporations and companies know the importance of figures in key positions, such as managers and executives. For this reason, a press release is usually used to announce new hires; in which biographical and curricular information is included to help strengthen the credibility of the new hire.

The idea, in this case, is to highlight the great professional capabilities of this person, making clear his or her great contribution to the business. In short, it is a way to show the public the progress that is being made, with the addition of skilled talent to ensure success.

New hire press releases usually include a photo of the new executive or central figure, supported by other relevant details about his or her educational background, career path, and expectations about his contribution to the business.

New hire press releases are generally 400 to 600 words in length and are instrumental in giving companies, organizations, and industries the desired credibility and media exposure.

Steps for Writing a New Hire Press Release with examples

Following the format of a standard press release is the safest way to write a new hire press release correctly. It should include release date, title, subtitle, and location; followed by the body of the release itself.

Here are the must-have elements of a new hire press release with examples:

A good way to start is by adding the company’s logo so the official nature of the document is established from the very beginning. Next, the specific date of publication should be added. In most cases, this part is usually marked “Immediate publication”.

This is followed by the title, which should be catchy and concise. An example might be: KBS Entertainment welcomes Lauren Smith as Producer. The subtitle which is preceded by the location and date; will help develop the title further:

Washington, D.C. -June 29, 2021- KBS Entertainment hires Lauren Spellman as Associate Executive Producer.

The first paragraph consists of a summary of the main purpose of the release: to introduce the new professional and her contribution to the business in terms of impact in her new role.

In the body of the article, further details are provided to support the reason for this hiring and its advantages.

In many cases, a quote from a manager or spokesperson is added to enrich the article. The next step is to add information related to the company; such as its trajectory and other general details.

In closing, contact information is provided to allow the media to make additional inquiries.

Three-pound signs (###) will suffice to make the end of the release clear.

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